Privacy Policy

1. Respecting Privacy

Privacy is a fundamental right, and at Tvisha Foundation, it is treated as such. This document sets forth our current policy in this regard.

2. Sources of Personal Data

Our trust is founded on the principle that people matter. Respect for people is the foundation of our business. Respect for people includes respecting their right to privacy.

We are engaged in using innovative ways to bring wellness & goodness to all in the World. Our website seeks to bring cases of those in need of help and other essential services to the attention of those in a position to make a difference and the opportunity to do so. The users of our website are those in need and those seeking to help.

In the conduct of our trust, we collect and process personal data of our users and visitors. Personal data is collected in the course of transacting on the website. Personal data is also collected by Tvisha Foundation and its affiliates outside of website through in-person meetings, participation in conferences and other forums, and with respect to job applicants, through job application materials and interviews. Personal data is also collected through social media; from solicited and unsolicited communications; responses to promotional and other materials, among others. If your personal data is available with us, more likely than not, it has been shared by you with us.

Data collection technologies built into our websites, telecommunication systems, digital advertising, social media, etc. are additional sources of personal data collection. In addition to personal data that a user voluntarily furnishes, these electronic systems also collect personal data without the knowledge of the user, including user’s preferences, frequency of access, IP addresses, type of browser, communication device or operating systems used, and geographic location, etc.

Separately, we also collect and process personal data of our employees and independent contractors at the time of, in the course of and following their retention.

3. Processing of Personal Data

We acquire, maintain and process personal data where it is necessary for the pursuit of legitimate interests, balancing this interest against the data subject’s interests and fundamental rights. Legitimate interests include establishing and maintaining relationships, servicing their anticipated and actual needs, and for administrative purposes. Towards that end, we may use various contact management, analytics and processing software and other tools and techniques, including marketing by use of electronic means.

We may share personal data with entities that provide services to us, including companies that provide web analytics, advertising, email distribution and other services. The use of personal data by such companies is limited to the purpose of rendering the contracted services.
We may also process personal data where it is necessary for entering into or performing under a contract. Finally, in certain circumstances, we may process personal data on the basis of consent of the data subject for specific purposes. 

We may also use or disclose personal data if we are required by law to do so or if we reasonably believe that use or disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and/or to comply with judicial or regulatory proceedings, a court order or other legal process. We do not otherwise disclose or sell to any third party any personal data that we collect or which comes into our possession without the consent of the data subject.


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